Friday, 9 October 2009

berry and ben

these pictures are for ellen hi ellen here is berry and ben ben is a rescue puppy well was lol he is now 2and frightend of his own shadow lol he is with his fav toys . berry is a rescue cat we got him when he was 2 he is now 4 he dosent do much apart from sleep and bite the dog who sits and lets him lol .

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Anonymous said...

I remember Ben, he is so sweet. How sad, he is yet another rescue pet.
Will people ever learn to just love the poor little things, They are so loyal and give so much joy to owners.
It just breaks my heart to hear of another animal being from a rescue centre.
It is good to see them now in a happy home, being well cared for.
Berry is so sweet too. You can see who's boss.
Polly is like my baby, i would go without for her, rather than think she did'nt have. She came from a place that had no time for her, they had far too many pets, she would shy away from us all at first.
How she has changed. She is at my side all of the time. If not by my sise, then sat on my lap.
I think your pets are so sweet.


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