Monday, 31 December 2007

Happy New Year

well new year came and went in our house lol we were all asleep

i made this yeaterday its my first attempt at anything like this i want to start doing diffrent things .so this is a start .
it would have helped if i had put the picture lol


i made this card for an annivesary but it could be for anything birthday get well i made it with the same set of stamps as i made the black and white one with only this time i stamped on to vellum and i made the backing paper and the topper myself i am working on these at the moment but when they are finished will post the link for you to download them if you would like them .

Sunday, 30 December 2007

black and white

had to make a card for the group i am in for a swap i made this one useing stamps i bought from joannasheen i wanted to leave the background plain so layerd it with white and black onto black card i added some small gems and a bow .

Friday, 28 December 2007

card made with diffrent coloured pinks boards done on the glitter girls new royal border bars and the perfume bottletemplate by Chris at" this file is in no way to be sold or anything made from the file to be sold if you use it please respect her rights of useage

no ispiration

been looking for inspiration but just cant get myself motivated to make anything yesterday i hope today is better .

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

card made today

made this today after reading anouther blog i wouldnt even have thought about it if i had not been bored and whent surfing blogs i like so now all i have to try and do is post the link to it so i can enter the challange .

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Boxing Day

hi i hope everyone had a lovely christmas .I had a a very quite but nice one my daughter was happy and thats the main thing well the sales have started and now i will be buying lots things i dont need lol but must have hubby will be running to lock up his wallet lol . i may get some cards made soon in mean time here is one i made a few weeks ago .From a joanna sheen cd and the gold panel was done on the glitter girls oriental embossing board

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Firstly i would like to wish everyone a verry merry christmas and a happy new year i proberbly wont be crafting much over the next few days as it will be cook cook and more cook lol .

i am going to attempt to upload a picture of the last card i made well here goes lol wish me luck
o not as hard as thought .

About me

Hello this is my first attempt at blogging you will have to forgive me if i dont get it right .I live in the northeast england with my husband of 27 years and my one and only daughter who is 15 i have one cat we got from a rescue center called berry also one puppy of 6 months also from a rescue center and 2 rabbits .
I love to make cards and to try new things i am on doing an album which lol may take me awhile to finish as i tend to go from one thing to anouther i also like to take photographs when i can and to make my own 3d sheets and backing papers which i will post on here sometimes . well thats enought about me for now lol .

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