Sunday, 24 February 2008

Glitter and Cuttlebug

well lol i had a bit of a trying day yesterday lol i went to the harrogate craft fair with doreen and busy well i kept loseing them lol then i left my car lights on and when i came out yes flat battery lol but i did have some ups and i got some lovely card and papers and toppers and also a brayer because i had been reading a blog and the lady had some fab cards she had put through the robo embossing folders and then glitterd so i had to try so this morning between makeing lunch i have made this its only my first try with a brayer and didnt quite get the glue all over it of the pad o i allso bought a cd from which in my opinion is digusting for the price it has about12 folders of plain backing sheets diffrent colours 8 patternd papers 8 layering toppers and 8 topper sheets with 2 diffrent pictures on the pictures are lovely i just dont think its anything i couldnt have done in coral and there is much better cds out there with a dambed site more on this cd is called

Oriental fantacy by little lous craft supplys so ladies beware if you think your going to get a great choise on it because your not .

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