Saturday, 29 November 2008


2 more cards for christmas was late starting and have loads to do yet the first is a remember when decoupage by la pash the second is for an animal swap for the group the lay out i saw while blog hopping this is getting a new pass time i love looking at all the beautifull cards on thses blogs it just makes me a little jealouse nlol that sometimes i cant get mine to look as nice aww well i will have to keep trying lol .

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

christmas cards

well i was bloghopping dont know if thats the right term anyway i saw this lovely card with a father christmas stam and it reminded me i had bought the stamp and had not used it so it came out of its packet today and here are the results i am not a great stamper wish i was as i like buying them lol i just never seam to get the result i want .

the new edition

hi lol how do you like my new black cat i named it blackberry after our cat berry lol here is a picture looks a lot like him dosent it lol

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

the last of them for now lol

more cards at last

i am not a very good blogger lol i just never know what to write but been makeing a few more cards lately so here they are .o i have these on allready and dont know how to get them off lol

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

cant get into crafting

its been awhile since i put anything on here i just cant seam to get into makeing things lately did a couple cards for anniversarys for the group but thats about it hubby bought me a bind it all and its sitting on the shelf will have to get motivated anyway enough my depressive talk made these 2 cards from a audry jean roberts kit and the 3rd i had a go at stamping again i know the colouring in bit is supposed to be the easiest but i never seam to get it right this stamp is from one of the ladies sites on our group i proberbly havent spelt that right she has some beautifull stamps this is one from a set of art nouveau ones i bought

Made by Lena